Spectrometer Carbon to Uranium

Spectrometer Carbon to Uranium

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The high-performance SDD detector and optimized hardware achieve a high level of sensitivity, analysis speed, and energy resolution that were previously unattainable.  EDX-7000 permits detection from Na11 - U92 The EDX-8000 system also permits detection from 6C.

Being a reputed company in the industry, this is our responsibility to offer standard quality XRF Machine.


  • EDX-8000

Elemental Range :

  • EDX-8000 - C6 to U92


  • Any Sample - Powder, Liquid, Solid etc
  • User Friendly with password protection
  • Automatic Base detection
  • Matching function (Library function)
  • 21 CFR enables
  • Wide Elemental Range
  • 50 W system for higher detection of lighter elements with accuracy.

Applications : 

  • RoHS Analysis
  • ELV Testing
  • Gold/Silver Testing
  • Plating/Coating Thickness
  • Ceramic Testing
  • Oil & Petrochemical Testing like Sulphor analysis etc.
  • Impurities and residual catalyst duing synthasis in Pharma applications.
  • Agriculture & Food applications.